Our Team

Tom Levine



Tom is probably the most well-known baker in all of the state of Vermont.
Since the times he had his first bakery there and even featured in a local TV channel's culinary reality show as a participant, his baking talents became widely known and very much acclaimed.

Lisa Kudrow

Senior Baker


While Lisa was never intending to become a baker, she always had that special feel for working with food...

Initially a Chef at a San Diego restaurant, Lisa made a life-changing connection with Denise Levine, our Bakery's founder and quite soon realized, that she may want to switch her culinary major.

Marianne French

Senior Baker


While her surname implies some degree of a French connection, she actually doesn't have her roots stemming from that country...

But Marianne just loves to bake traditional french cakes and pastry, like  a coconut cake, creme brûlée or a baguette.

Lucille Bowles

Junior Baker


Lucille has always aspired to become a baking pro, as her mother, aunt and sister were all accomplished bakers in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston, respectively. So right after graduating with the best culinary courses in NYC, she was eager to find a job of her dreams, which she did.